Jennifer Kimball


Two new records coming out soon! First is HARK, the debut CD from our holiday-ish music collaborative Wintery Songs in Eleventy Part Harmony on December 1! Tickets are already for sale at some of the venues where we'll be performing. At the Center for the Arts in Natick, the ticket price includes a copy of the new CD!

Avocet is the title of the new jennifer kimball record. Ten songs. Produced by Alec Spiegelman. Musicians include Alec, Dave and Christopher from Cuddle Magic, Ryan Dugre, Duke Levine, Kimon Kirk and Kris Delmhorst. Avocet will be released in March/April!

You can still buy the 5song EP we offered to fans last year for $25. In exchange for helping fund the project all those folks are about to receive HARK just before Thanksgiving. You can too if you order the EP now...

updated: 3 years ago