Jennifer Kimball

Kami Lyle Sit-A-While was A BLAST!! And HADESTOWN rocked my world...

Kami Lyle SitAWhile was A BLAST And HADESTOWN rocked my world
Loved Sitting a While with Kami Lyle!!!  She is a wildcard, musical genius; and most hilarious host. What a special one.

Anais Mitchell's off broadway run of Hadestown is spectacular. So incredibly knocked out by the music, the songwriting and now the new staging and new songs for this show. I loved reading the New York Theater Workshop's blog where Anais was interviewed. She talked about the challenge of writing in 'real' time - writing to sing something to someone else on stage, in the moment with you - not just to perform it and say, so there. There it is! There's my song. Now here's another song. Have been so haunted by Justin Vernon's "Wait for Me" and Greg Brown's version of Why Do we Build the Wall that I thought I couldn't love those songs any more. But Orpheus and Hades were so fabulous in the play that now I do. Love them even more.