Jennifer Kimball

Jennifer performs this Friday at The Kami Lyle Sit-A-While

Jennifer performs this Friday at The Kami Lyle SitAWhile
Come down to The Kami Lyle Sit-A-While...
"Real songs, real writers, fake fireplace,
Where the Stars Fall in Love with Cape Cod.”

Thrilled to be one of Kami Lyle's special guests down on the Cape this Friday, May 6!
Interspersed with stories, skits and jingles, the Sit-A-While is an evening of great music and a gathering of friends set in a variety of cozy, ocean side settings across Cape Cod. It seems to be some sort of wonderful variety show complete with live streaming video and a delayed live radio broadcast on WMVY. Special guests Dennis Brennan and myself get to play seven songs each in the round with Kami and her band!

Stay tuned for more news on gigs, videos, final mixes and the proverbial  kickstarter script!