Jennifer Kimball

Kris Delmhorst's CARS shows!

friday 10.7 Living Room, NYC
saturday 10.8 Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA
sunday 10.9 Memorial Hall, Shelburne Falls. MA

Jenn plays piano, Laura Cortese plays violin, Rose Cousins plays pump organ, Rose Polenzani plays glockenspiel and all four sing harmony "who's gonna drive you home?" "why can't I have you?" "ooo, ooo it's magic" "my best friend's girlfriend" etc.... with Kris and her merry band of acoustic Ric Ocaseks. C'mon! Take yourself out and experience this version of all the songs you remember so well from BACK THEN. Dinty Child, Russell Chud, Zach Hickman, Billy Beard and Mark Erelli are singing and playing the acoustic version of the CARS.

updated: 8 years ago