Jennifer Kimball

Don't Take Your Love Away

The street was a river, middle of June
a river that ran through our home
You were gone travelling a couple of days
so I dried out our things all alone

and I opened a box I'd never seen
full of old letters written to you
Don't take your love away, she said,
don't take your love away.

Page by page I laid them out to dry
what I knew I shouldn't read
How could you love somebody so much
knowing they've chosen to leave?

I miss what we were, I want what we had
your silence the cruelest reply
don't take your love away she said...

      Wouldn't it be easier in black and white
      I'm reading this too close to home
      I've got some letters and a box of my own
      That I've saved for all these years
      I've kept them for all these years.

The day's getting lonely, the sun's setting late
and now even your keys at the door
they never sounded this way before
don't take your love away...


Jennifer: vocals, acoustic guitar
Duke: electric guitar, National guitar, harmonium, B3
Paul Bryan: bass, tack piano, Chamberlin
Shawn Pelton: drums
Kris Delmhorst: harmony vocals

lyrics co-written with Catie Curtis