Jennifer Kimball

Little Live Things

All the snow is melting
the river's running high
robins on the green
their fledglings fly
the trees are sending out their buds
every limb has something new
But with all this beauty bursting
tell me how come you feel so blue?

All this rain, all this sun
it don't bring her back.

Tulips coming up
in bright yellow and red
the daffodil in faded white
sunshine, it's head.
The way she looked at you back then -
what you'll never regret.
Still, all the little live things
don't make you forget this blue.

She's gone this time
Flown for good
She meant what she said,
even as you misunderstood.

Never mind the blacktop yard
your garden now unformed
your rooftop perch a better view
than any flowers you could plant down below.
We'll wait all the livelong hours with you
'til we can drown our sorrows
in Tir na Nog
Tir na Nog
Tir na Nog
Tir na Nog


-Jennifer Kimball