Jennifer Kimball

Funeral in My Brain

I felt a funeral in my brain
and mourners to and fro
kept treading treading 'til it seemed
that sense was breaking through

and when they all were seated
a service like a drum
kept beating beating 'til it seemed
my mind was going numb

and then I heard them lift a box
and creak across my soul
with those same boots of lead again
then space begain to toll

as all the heavens were a bell
and being but an ear
and I and silence some strange race
wrecked solitary here


live at the Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA
Jenn and Michael Rivard cavort their way through Emily Dickenson's lyrics and Matt Glaser's changes. Matt wrote this for the Wayfaring Strangers - and you can find it on Shifting Sands of Time.