Jennifer Kimball

Veering from the Wave

You and I, well we fell in deep
as a plumb line's true in the ocean of my sleep.

True is love when your heart takes aim.
In the silent depth nothing ever stays the same

So I left you here.
And I feel so alone,
veering from the wave to the fury.

When the storms roll in and they make me lose my place.
Slow and black I watch them creep across your face.

So you left me here.
You will drink to the midnight,
veering from the wave to the fury.

What you said to me then is what I say to you now -
Take it easy my friend, but take it somehow.
There's something between us I won't let it go.
Less than nothing, more than the universe can hold.

(You said, understand, we are blacker than sun -
but golden in the shadows, even coming undone).

You and I, we were meant to be.
Love and madness may run us out to sea.

So we'll leave them here
beating East on a tangent
veering from the wave to the fury.


live at Juna's cafe in Ithaca, NY
Jenn solo