Jennifer Kimball

Chained to a Memory

Why am I chained to a memory
why does the thought of you still torture me?
When will I find someone to set me free
So I won't be chained to a memory.

Why am I chained to the hurt I knew?
Each day the thought of something so cruel to do
Where in this world will I escape from you
So I won't be chained to a memory.

Your letters, threw them on the fire.
Your pictures, out the window.
All I could find that reminded me of you
I threw them all away.

I get up in the morning, I'm pacing the floor
Like I'm expecting you to walk in the door
I keep forgetting I won't see you anymore
Guess I'm doomed to be chained to a memory.


live at the Freight and Salvage, Berkeley, CA
Paul Bryan re-arranged this Dusty Springfield song which Jenn recorded in 2000 for a tribute called Forever Dusty.

written by K. Rogers and S. Altlert

(corrected from the copy on the cd)