Jennifer Kimball

Avocet reviews:

Anti-Heroin Chic interviews Jennifer

A new Jennifer Kimball record is like a soft, sudden shift in the wind, something rare and miraculous has come into the world, the heart is pulled center-forward like the ends of a compass reaching for direction in the deep, wayfaring dark, a remarkable event to be celebrated. Jennifer's lyrics, like tree-etched-poems illuminated by waning sunlight, and her sounds, unique combinations of dissonance and harmony, ebb, disruption and flow, articulate worlds that are nearly impossible to forget. A music so alive and aware, so seeking. Veering from the Wave, Oh Hear us and now Avocet, a trilogy of the human experience. The latest described as "splendid chamber pop over and through which floats the unadorned and honest voice of a truly literate songwriter; a voice which conveys warmth without affect. The voice of Jennifer Kimball." 18 years after Veering, Jennifer proves, time and again, that the waiting is well worth it. What began as a birthday gift, in the form of studio time, now becomes a gift to the rest of the world. The unique and unforgettable art of one of our greatest contemporary voices.

Anti-Heroin Chic