Jennifer Kimball

Jenn plays with Chandler Travis Philharmonic, Lizard WED 2/16, 8pm

Jenn plays with Chandler Travis Philharmonic Lizard WED 216 8pm
Opening for the cosmically splendiferous Chandler Travis Philharmonic!! Yes, they sure do put the "harm" back in philharmonic. Sonic Trout records has just released another killer CTP disk - this one's called Chandler Philharmonic BLOWS! Great poprock songs featuring Chandler's eccentric brilliant pajama-clad self, full horn section with drums/bass/keys/mandocello/accordian AND Fred Boak, the singing valet. I sing a duet with Chandler on a tune called "Taoist Vacation with Mashenka!" Who knows what's going to happen at this show...

Hope to see you in the clubs -

PHOTO by Kimon Kirk:
Rose Polenzani, Amy Correia, Jennifer Kimball and Katie Champagne backstage at the Lizard Lounge Jan. 28, 2011

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