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Flash hair bulletin!

Flash hair bulletin
Yes, I've had a little hair rebellion and gone on a spree of color. Indigo blue and bleach. to be precise. It's SO fun. The best part was hanging out with Kris Delmhorst and her awesome housemates, all of us in some state of coloring the head. Last night I got to stand on stage with Kris and sing harmony at her Passim gig. We, were, perhaps more patriotic than we realized, as Ms. Delmhorst has gone with the fire-engine red streaks. Great to add harmony to Kris's songs. Really a treat.

I am writing away, working on new stuff. The ballads keep coming, and I keep trying to set them over to the side while I attempt to rock un peu. Not always sucessful. But after that last band gig, I am really hooked on drums and electric guitars - loud ones. And, it's great to have the piano back in my life. I've just gotten my last batch of life out of storage, and with it, the Kawai upright I grew up with.

World of web changes. New stuff and where to find it: *there's a "hair gallery" *lots of new albums up in the background vocals section, on the discography page, and lots more changes there - side projects and compilations... *tunings and keys of songs are up in "tunes and lyrics" *and, as always, new gigs are posted as they come up

Website changes to come:

   * new touring photos
   * new song samples
   * t-shirts!
   * a bulletin board
   * Jenn's favorite links

Hard to believe it's been two years since we updated this! I feel as if I've been in touch with you all because of my news to the Jenn list. So, we'll archive that and post it here as well.