Jennifer Kimball

easter bunny lays eggs to celebrate His rising?

Gigs in MA coming right up --

Riverwide Music Series, 8pm
Newburyport, MA  Kristin Cifelli opens

Montague Book Mill, 8pm
Montague, MA
also 4/22 Duke plays at Club Passim with his own band!

Toad, 7pm singing harmony with Rose Polenzani
Cambridge, MA

Club Passim, 8pm
Cambridge, MA  Jenn and Duke duo

Jailhouse Tavern, 7pm
Orleans, MA  opening for the Chandler Travis Philharmonic

TCAN, 8pm
Natick, MA  opening for the great Roger McGuinn

Hope you all had a good easter - passover - whatever you celebrated last weekend. Waylon hunted down some easter eggs that the easter bunny hid at his cousins' house. I haven't figured out how I will explain that HE is risen, and therefore chocolate bunnies are laying brightly colored eggs in the grass. Having just seen the signs down south which officially connect Jesus with the great bunny (HE is Risen: Easter Eggstravaganza, 10am!), I know I have my work cut out for me.

The trip down south was interesting - lots of good music at Eddie's, good people in Greenville and endless fascinating signs on the road, including the above, and many messages reflecting re-birth "does your spiritual house need spring cleaning?" Why yes it does! And so does my physical house (can we talk dust bunnies?) - and while we're at it, the garden does, too. After this last heat wave our garden is truly bursting forth. But the heat up here couldn't possibly compare with SC. It was 93 at 5pm when I pulled up to the Unitarian Church in Greenville after a lovely stroll down by the Reedy River and over that way cool pedestrian single-suspension bridge. Thanks to all of you who came to the shows! And to Danny Schmidt and Jeff Talmadge for a sweet in-the-round session on Friday night. And once again, thanks to Lucy Kaplansky for big singing of harmony together. Eddie's Attic rocks. And so does Greenville and the wonderful folks at Dry Ridge Productions.

I went up to Hi-n-Dry to sing harmony on Bill Morrissey's new project in March. What a treat. His writing just gets sharper. Yow. This is going to be a really cool record. I've also been sitting in with some other folks I really admire and respect - namely Rose Polenzani and Peter Mulvey. Rose has some Toad shows coming up so we'll get to reprise what we did at Passim a couple of weeks ago. Her singing is luminescent - and no one can write a more beautiful twisted poem song than Rose. So inspiring. I'll get to add a third part this time, as the wonderful Jordan Caress sings and plays bass with Rose.

Rose and I sat in together with some of Session Americana for Peter Mulvey's Lizard show last week - spontaneous moments of Silver Wings, Shenandoah, I Still Miss Someone, Take Me Back. Peter and Goody knocked us all out. Peter describes his new record thusly - it's like throwing fastballs over the plate. Well, I'm really digging that game...

Thanks also to everyone who came out to the NY shows. Makor was a blast. It's always amazing to make music with the whole band. And thank you to the die hard fans who made it to Joe's Pub April 2. Playing as a duo with Duke really takes the cake. We'll do it again at Passim, May 5.

Hope to see you out there -

FYI The Mountainstage show I played with Duke in early March is airing this week on your local NPR affiliates (me, Peter Mulvey, SOLAS, Robinella).