Jennifer Kimball

Maybe Baby gigs

It's been ages since I've taken the time to write an email to this list - so thanks for being on it, thanks for being patient about emails and records in the making! Yes, the endless process of making a second record does indeed seem to be endless. Still writing new material. Still pondering the shape and scope of it. Still feeling passionate about music. Thank you for bearing with me. Thank you for your support - so many lovely emails.

So, in the meantime, let me tell you what's been up!

I started a new band with Ry Cavanaugh this summer - we're called MAYBE BABY - (there's a Buddy Holly song by that name - and if you can believe it I know some folks named Mabie). Not that we're doing a Buddy Holly thing - it's more Julie Miller meets Robbie Fuchs or, rather, Jennifer Kimball - on uke and guitar - meets Ry Cavanaugh on baritone electric guitar! Ry writes beautiful songs and I am SO loving trading original songs back and forth, having the chance to sing harmony and generally making some moody-pop-country kind of music with this band.

Come on down to the Lizard Lounge tomorrow night for a MAYBE BABY gig with Billy Beard playing the cocktail drum kit and Tom West playing organ and piano. For those of you who missed our TOAD residency in June and July - we rocked! It's hard to describe, musically, but it's pretty different from what I do alone - or when I tour with Marc Shulman - which I miss. All the gigs are listed here - including the new MAYBE BABY gigs. We're going to set up a website soon. But in the meantime there are new photos up including some Ry and Jenn band shots.

So, the Wayfaring Strangers record will come out sometime soon! It's officially called "The Shifting Sands of Time." And you can check it out here - and even order it. I've learned so much about music and about singing from my involvement in this project. So it's particularly wonderful for me to be able to say that the project will finally be heard by more than the few who've heard me do "Funeral in my Brain" at gigs, and the few who've heard the odd Wayfaring Strangers gig.

I do have a couple of solo gigs in August and through the Fall - including a little visit to Lyme, CT where my Mom lives next weekend! Josh Ritter's going to open that one. Also, more Jenn singing can be heard on a couple of new records for which I've done background vocals: Lucy Kaplansky's "Every Single Day" and Kris Delmhorst's "Five Stories." Both coming out in September.

Hope you are all staying cool -