Jennifer Kimball

Phlox Art, JH2M

joyous greetings to you from the curiously warm but finally chilly hub of Somerville, MA. As I'm bustling about trying to get my act together to go on the road tomorrow, I suddenly remember that it's been ages since I played in DC... and that I am totally psyched about Iota next Tuesday and Ram's Head tomorrow night! So I hope to SEE YOU at one gig or the other! I'll be bringing with me some new songs to play - as well as the new Wayfaring Strangers record, some of my hand-painted shirts and potato-print cards from Phlox Art. Yup, I started a little art venture with my friend Megan Summers called Phlox Art. We've held a couple of swinging little holiday crafts sales up here in Boston. Woohoo! So I'll bring along some xmas goodies - shirts and calendars and such. Oh, and I'll also bring these fabulous "Jesus Has Two Mommies" (JH2M) t-shirts. An awesome holiday gift, if I do say so. And I do.

JH2M went so well that a producer has picked up the project and we're going to put on the show three more times in a downtown theater next weekend! Wow - such a smart story, such great songs, costumes, dance numbers - a fantastic live band and brilliant video - including a special guest appearance by Mary Chapin Carpenter. My Mom LOVED it! And I got so much positive feedback from this show that I was only vaguely disappointed to receive a few "reactionary" emails. I know there are folks in the world for whom the title alone is too blasphemous to even fathom. I just didn't realize some of them would actually write to me! Stupid me. The show was joyous. Loving. Incredibly funny. It's mind-blowing to be part of a vision which completely reinvents the Biblical images we take for granted.

What a crazy month! Just when I thought I couldn't possibly fit anything else into my life I said yes to writing an article for the December issue of Performing Songwriter magazine! They have a column called "Performer to Performer." And in this month's issue it was my turn to write about reinventing myself. About community. About coming into my own as a musician. About the last seven years of my music life - since I quit the Story. I think you can go to to order the magazine if you're interested.

Hope you find more than a moment of peace and quiet to yourself this month! Come by Toad in Porter Square, Cambridge next Wednesday for another Maybe Baby early show. And if you are looking for good reading and listening, I just finished "Infidelity" by Ann Pearlman which I LOVED and have been potato printing to the music of Nick Lowe, Ray Mason, Sticky, and Frank Sinatra -