Jennifer Kimball


FRI. APRIL 17, 8pm
trio with Duke Levine and Kevin Barry

THURS. MAY 21, 6:30pm
with the full band (Duke, Kevin, Richard and Billy)
in a benefit for Agassiz Coop Preschool

Hello friends - I am very excited about these upcoming shows! It has been my great honor to play with both Duke Levine and Kevin Barry, two of the greatest guitar players to be found anywhere on this earth, over these last few years. And for one night at Club Passim - April 17 - I will have the pleasure of playing as a trio with the two of them!

Wow do we have a lot of new songs going...
words cannot express - exuberant joy! creative sparks - sparking!

The second gig is going to be a blast - and I hope you will get your tickets soon! We're going to play as we have been doing - as a band - at the Lizard - May 21. But this one is going to be a party. And we are going to send a bunch of money to one of our favorite local preschools. Early gig - all done by 9pm.  

Spring is springing, although snow may still fall!
We do after all live in New England.
Thank you all for writing about trees at that Lizard show - cue cards may appear for Liquidambar Styraciflua - and more poetry, surely, from you all. Favorite lines from someone at the lizard:

"I like plants - trees
are the biggest plants.

Also, the oxygen
is nice."

Thank you for being in this cyberworld with me,

updated: 13 years ago