Jennifer Kimball

Pre-Order Jenn's CD - Holiday Gift Offer!

Ok friends - here it is at last - the HOLIDAY GIFT OFFER!! Probably best at this point to order pronto. If you're looking for a little something to give a friend, or a few friends, or you just want it for yourself - here's our one time holiday offer: Pre-order Jenn's new cd Oh Hear Us NOW for $20 and get a live Jenn cd before the holidays.

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  SEND IN YOUR CHECK NOW and you - or the person/s you designate - will receive OH HEAR US in the mail in mid-January (cd release date is Jan. 24)

  AND you - or those you designate as recipients - will receive in the mail NOW, in time for the holidays, a handmade card from Jenn and a live Jenn cd called ASSORTED MACAROONS featuring a collection of 8 songs from Jenn's solo world, Wayfaring Strangers, and Maybe Baby (songs listed below).

 $20 per order
check payable to: Jennifer Kimball
sent to: PO Box 557
Somerville, MA 02143

  Please include NAME/ADDRESS of each person/s to whom you wish to send this gift.
Please include your email in the order in case we have any questions.
Please write legibly.
Orders will be sent 1st class mail - soon as checks are received.
FEDX is possible - please request, and send an extra $20.
If you wish to place more than 5 orders - please let us know by return email!

 Discount available for orders of 5 or more save $2 per order -
of course, if you want to pay full freight we here at Epoisse will gladly accept.
5 cds: $90; 6 cds: $108; 10 cds: $180, etc...
This offer is good until January 24.

* * It is unclear as yet if this cd will be offered for sale at any time in the future. * *

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Woohoo! This is a good deal!
TWO cds, including a brand new studio cd
for only $20 with Epoisse Records covering
the postage is a darn good offer.
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1  "Chained to a Memory"
live at a WUMB member concert, Woods Hole, MA
Jenn and Marc Shulman play a Dusty Springfield song Jenn recorded in 2000 for a tribute called Forever Dusty.

2  "Veering from the Wave"
live at Juna's cafe in Ithaca, NY
Jenn solo

3  "Drafty"
live at the Espresso Garden cafe in San Diego, CA
Jenn and David Goodrich rock out on one of Jenn's instrumental tunes, as yet unrecorded

4  "Funeral in My Brain"
live at the Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA
Jenn and Michael Rivard cavort their way through Emily Dickenson's lyrics and Matt Glaser's changes. Matt wrote this for the Wayfaring Strangers - and you can find it on Shifting Sands of Time.

5  "Lullabye"
live at DryLongSo Coffeehouse, NH
just Jenn and her ukulele

6  "Gagna's Song"
live at a WUMB member concert, Woods Hole, MA
Jenn and Marc Shulman, who recorded the original parts on Veering from the Wave

7  "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire"
live at Hi-n-Dry studio, Cambridge, MA
Jenn and Duke Levine sat in with Ry Cavanaugh and the Session Americana band to record this World War II era tune for SA's fabulous two-cd album called Tabletop People, Vol. 1 & 2. This cd also features Jenn and Ry singing "Lighthouse Light," Ry's song which appears at the end of Veering's "Take One Step."

8  "Tomorrow Night"
live at Jenn and Ry's WUMB member concert for their band Maybe Baby
Jenn and Ry and one baritone ukulele perform the Lonnie Johnson tune made famous by Elvis.

Assorted Macaroons produced by Jennifer Kimball
Mixed and assembled by Ian Kennedy
Many thanks to everyone who has sent in live recordings over the years!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Kris Delmhorst, Jimmy Ryan and I went up to Ryko a couple of years ago to record "Lo How a Rose Ere Blooming" with our friend Catie Curtis for a Ryko Christmas album. Although it was only a promotional cd - and never sold - it made it's way to the folks at "Gray's Anatomy" and will be seen on the next episode of the show this Sunday, December 11th. In case you're interested, that's immediately following Desperate Housewives.

I'm going to sit in with the roots roundtable Session Americana at their Passim show, Saturday December 17 - probably sing In the Bleak Midwinter and Merry Christmas Baby with Rose Polenzani, Ramona Silver and Jordan Caress.

And more sitting in on Dec. 22 at Johnny D's with Chandler Travis Philarmonic for a sweet and sultry version of Baby It's Cold Outside.

Merry holidays,