Jennifer Kimball

Veering From The Wave

cover of Veering From The Wave

released 1998   Imaginary Road/Polygram

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Jennifer Kimball's CD, "Veering From the Wave" (Imaginary Road/Polygram), isn't so much a solo debut as it is a reintroduction to a familiar artist. Listeners will instantly recognize Kimball's voice by virtue of her work with The Story, the commercially-successful and critically-acclaimed group that in the early-'90s blazed the trail for contemporary, chart-topping folk-pop artists like Sarah McLachlan, Paula Cole and Jewel. As one-half of that now-legendary duo which made two albums for Elektra Records ("Angel In the House," "Grace In Gravity") and helped foster a whole new genre of intelligent, acoustic-based folk-pop -- to which radio responded at the time by creating Triple-A (Adult Album Alternative), an entirely new format -- Kimball supplied the group's signature harmonies and a hefty dose of comic relief in its live shows.

first, most heartfelt thanks to Ben Wittman whose enduring optimism, unswerving concentration and burning musical ideas made these songs fly; to all the musicians who played on this record - and especially to Marc Shulman and Zev Katz for so many beautiful ideas on stage and in the studio; to Dan Marnien for tremendous basics and so much generosity; to Lucy Kaplansky for unraveling me with harmony; to Ben Wisch for shimmering mixes, an open heart, and the big view; to Leslie Holmes, for bringing back my voice and helping me to feel like I could sing anything; most special thanks to Andrew Kimball and Sarah Williams, to my parents, grandparents and my extended family - Kimballs, Hardins, Shaws, Footes - to all the Beards; and to Dan Beard and Laszlo, now three legs, for patience and love, for getting through

for listening, encouraging, and making music fun again - Patty Larkin, Bette Warner, Alan Williams, Darleen Wilson, Flip and Alisa Scipio, Abby and Mark Russell Prior, Larry John McNally, Lucy Kaplansky, Rick Litvin, Carrie Newcomer, Robert Meitus, Catie Curtis, Duke Levine, Barbara Kessler, Phil Antoniades, Deb Pasternak, Chuck Doud, Ronnie Curcio, Geoff Bartley, Jim Infantino, Kim Stillwell, Tom Hambridge, Richard Gates, Paul Bryan, the Iodine Brothers, Rosemary Welch, Suzi Peterson, Lawrence Lazare, Nathalie Valette, Scott Jackson, Nate Shaw,Toots' Rambles, John Gorka, Matt Glaser and Wayfaring Strangers, and to Ry Cavanaugh for veering with me

to the record company - Dawn Atkinson and Will Ackerman, for giving me the chance to do this; to everyone at Imaginary Road, PolyGram Classics and Jazz, and Mercury who have helped me so much so far - especially Lisa Altman, Carol Della Penna, Chris Roberts, Margery Greenspan, Jeff Schulz, Michael Krumper, Neil Shapiro, Kevin Gore, John Yakubik, Randy Dry, Jim Stabile, Stan Ades, and Amito Gallardo

to Jonatha Brooke for so many years of beautiful songs and to Duke Levine, Mike Rivard, Alain Mallet and Ben Wittman, again, for rocking the Story

for words, for inspiring some kind of dark connection - Michael Ondaatje, John Montague, Wendell Berry, Dorothy Alison, Jane Hamilton, Omar Kayyam, Keri Hulme, Jonie Lehmann

many thanks to - TJ Thompson, Robert Curtis, Diane Housken, Kathy Tarantola, Jody Elff, Roger Sadowsky, John McGann, Stan Jay, John Leventhal, Tom Levy, Doug Bernheim, David Bither, Timothy White, Sue Devine, Brendan Okrent, Jim Henke, Peter Mulvey, Todd Thibaud, Jerry Potts, Ralph Jaccodine, Kevin Sheehan, Eric Kilburne, Jonie Lehmann, Henry Lefkowitz, the Boston Songwriters' Collaborative, Joe Dresslaer, Chris Barber, Anton Sanko, Alex Beers, David Schenk, Lisa Timmons, Tim Mason, Ned Hearn, Andy Tavel, Terri Baker and Tod Rubenstein, to everyone at Beartracks, Spa, Avatar, Beat on Beat and Wellspring Studios - and to:
  Scipio Guitars, Staten Island, NY
  Thompson Guitars, Concord, MA
  WebPrimitives (on line afficionados), Cambridge, MA
  Pretty Polly Productions, Boston, MA
  Tavel, Thea and Baker, NYC
  Mandolin Brothers, Staten Island, NY (thanks for the ukuleles)
  Euphoria Studios, NYC
  United Nations Travel, Philadelphia, PA

All songs written by Jennifer D. Kimball  1998 Laszlo Art Songs/ASCAP
except "Fall at your Feet" by Neil Finn  1991 Roundhead Music/BMI.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.