Jennifer Kimball

Wayfaring Strangers: Shifting Sands of Time

cover of Wayfaring Strangers: Shifting Sands of Time

released 2001   Rounder Records

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Wayfaring Strangers is a band that explores the mystical side of American folk music.

It features some of the most renowned instrumental virtuosos in America and a whole group of cool singers. Lead by the indomitable Matt Glaser on fiddle, this band will take an audience on an extraordinary journey to the depths of America's soul. Featuring Andy Statman on clarinet and mandolin, Tony Trischka on banjo, Bruce Barth on piano, John McGann on guitar, and Jim Whitney on bass.

JK was a featured vocalist on Shifting Sands of Time, the group's debut cd. She is currently a guest vocalist, performing occasionally with the band. Some of the many special guest vocalists are Cathie Ryan, Tracy Bonham, Ralph Stanley and Ry Cavanaugh.

Every once in a while, an album comes along that challenges our expectations, our assumptions about the way music is made. The Wayfaring Strangers can take your breath away moment by moment, passage by passage, as strands of jazz, bluegrass, old-time country, folk, klezmer and more intertwine and give way to one another in a powerfully unique fusion. Not for those who demand that their music be comfortably predictable, Shifting Sands of Time is hauntingly new, like a dream mingling the past and the present, the known and the unknown into something that can touch our deepest emotions. -adapted from the notes by Jon Weisberger