Jennifer Kimball


released 2017

Tony Trischka Civil War 2017

Session Americana Pack Up the Circus 2015

Alastair Moock All Kinds of You and Me 2015

Phil Broikos recording project 2017

Anne Heaton Dora 2014

Rose Cousins We Have Made a Spark 2013

Laura Cortese Into the Dark 2013

Anne Heaton Honeycomb 2013

Steve Shook Dignify 2013

David Lockwood Modern Love 2013 (contributed a track)

Laura Cortese Poison Oaks/Pine 2012

Cormac McCarthy Collateral 2012

Kris Delmhorst CARS 2011

Laura Cortese Simple Heart 2011

Alastair Moock These Are My Friends 2011

Chandler Travis Philharmonic Blows 2010

Patty Larkin 25 2010

Jim Infantino Free 2008

Bill Morrissey Come Running 2006

Cormac McCarthy Curious Thing 2006

Susan Levine Atlas 2006

Jabe Beyer Where Are We Going and How Do We Get There? 2006

Rose Polenzani When the River Meets the Sea 2006

Session Americana Table Top People 2005

Catie Curtis Dreaming in Romance Languages 2004

Tony Trischka New Deal 2003

Patty Larkin Red=Luck 2003

Kris Delmhorst Appetite 2003

Peter Mulvey Ten Thousand Mornings 2002

Ellis Paul Speed of Trees 2002

Lucy Kaplansky Every Single Day 2001

Lori McKenna Pieces of Me 2001

Kris Delmhorst Five Stories 2001

John Gorka The Company You Keep 2001

Patty Larkin Regrooving the Dream 2000

Jack Donahue Lighthouse 2000

Lucy Kaplansky Ten Year Night 1999

David Wilcox Underneath 1999

Jim Infantino Don’t Get Smart 1998

Patty Larkin Perishable Fruit 1997

Catie Curtis Catie Curtis 1997

Dennis Brennan Iodine in the Wine 1997

John Gorka Between Five and Seven 1997

Mark Fisher Birthmark 1997

Jim Infantino Titanic 1996

Chris Phoenix All Things Are Possible 1996

Carrie Newcomer My Father’s Only Son 1996

Barbara Kessler Notion 1996

Peter Mulvey Rapture 1995

Patty Larkin Strangers World 1995

Carrie Newcomer The Bird or the Wing 1995

Jim Henry Jacksonville 1995

David Wilcox Big Horizon 1994

Ellis Paul Stories 1994

Patty Larkin Angels Running 1993

Ellis Paul Say Something 1993

Brooks Williams Back to Mercy 1991