Jennifer Kimball


About Jennifer's track on Session American's new record:

North East

...There’s not a mis-step on the album. While looking down the track list there are a number of songs that while you can’t wait to hear how the collective have worked their magic on, there are others that you think are just not going to work. But they do. Brilliantly. But first mention must go to one of the standouts, one that we just knew the collective would make their own. Patty Griffin’s ‘Goodbye’ is worth the price of entry alone. While in the writer’s hands the backing went some way to offset the sadness in the lyrics, here the longing and hurt in Jennifer Kimball’s voice is heartbreaking, while the music subtly weeping behind her just highlights the pain in her voice. Such is the quality and inspired arrangements of every track here that it’s difficult to pull out just one song for special attention, but Kimball and all concerned have turned this song into an instant classic. It’s an amazing performance from all concerned....