Jennifer Kimball

Passim Campfire gig SUN 8/31 & Jenn's new records

hello friends! coming straight from the studio to club passim tomorrow to play in the round with some lovely musicians including Alec Spiegelman with whom I am making a record. Amazing!! Actually finishing up a jk record! Glad none of you were holding your breaths. We've just spent two days at Old Soul in Catskill, NY with some of Alec's cohorts from Cuddlemagic recording 8 jk tunes. With the four from last summer's surprise session at Q we are well on our way to finishing this thing. More vocals and horns and guitars to be recorded in the next few weeks. Record will come out Spring I think. I hope you will all stay tuned for some kind of crowd-sourced fundraising effort coming shortly.

I will be asking for resources to complete this record as well as the Wintery Songs record. That one will come out right before Christmas and is almost finished. Yes, moving forward. Feeling so happy to be in the music. Thank you all so much for remaining interested. And for your continued support I am deeply grateful.

Labor Day Weekend Campfire Weekend
Jennifer Kimball & Alec Spiegelman in the round 5:15-6:45
with Wishbone Zoe and Anthony Savino

updated: 4 years ago