Jennifer Kimball

Holiday EPs for sale!

Five-song holiday EP is available now as a (not so sneak) preview of HARK, the full-length CD we will release next Fall, 2015! Help us finish the recording and be part of the process. Join our DIY crowd-funding party!!  The EP is a great gift for a fan, for a dear friend, for a music lover, for a care-giver, for a family member, for yourself! These five songs will appear on HARK (release date NOV 2015) and are a promise of what is to come: more unusual arrangements, beautiful songs and inventive vocal harmonies for the season's soundtrack. You can listen at

Special limited edition, 5-song HOLIDAY EP for $25 AND YOU ALSO GET:
- an original Jennifer potato print (signed and numbered) inside the sleeve - no two exactly the same!
- you will be first to receive full-length CD called HARK which we are releasing next November 2015
- if you BUY EP at the PASSIM gig you will also get a one of a kind polaroid of us rehearsing for the show

There are only 200 EPs available.
Go here to buy:
Celebrate the tradition of collaboration in which this community is steeped!
Take home a little piece of HARK 2015 now and help us finish the recording!

From Session Americana to Subrosa, Hadestown to the Boston T Party, recordings of Cortese, Cousins and Polenzani, and the many many live gigs in which we perform with each other, this community is rich with collaborations. Our project differs in that it only has a short listenable life - right here, the few weeks before the holidays. Join us at Passim on Dec. 17th - or if you live further away you can watch live on Either way we hope you support the project by getting yourself a little piece of HARK 2015 and buying the EP!

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